Providing Lincoln and the surrounding areas with the best trained Electricians & Installer Technicians since 1948

The Lincoln Electrical JATC is committed to providing Electrical Contractors with a workforce that is trained in all aspects of the ever changing electrical industry and to meet the needs of their customers in a safe and efficient manner!

We have a partnership with Southeast Community College (SCC) to provide the students that are in the 5-year Inside program the opportunity to get an AAS degree, it is called "Electrician Construction - IBEW Option". In order to receive the degree you must complete the 5-year Inside program as well as complete the general education requirements of SCC. You can view the different courses in the degree by going to SCC's website. To view the general education requirements click here



How would you like to learn a skilled trade that is in high demand and the best part is you get paid to do this, and have no student loan debt. Got your attention yet? You will receive an excellent wage and benefit package that increases as you progress through the program. Our programs are registered with the US Department of Labor and have been since 1948. We combine both on-the-job training and classroom instruction together to provide you the most comprehensive and complete electrical training there is. If you enjoy working with your hands, are self motivated, responsible, dependable, and enjoy a challenge then electrical apprenticeship through the Lincoln Electrical JATC just might be for you.

Inside Program : Five-Years

This is a five-year program that involves mainly commercial and industrial electrical work. The scope of work would include all types of electrical work other than outside lineman work. We have a partnership with Southeast Community College (SCC) to provide our students with opportunity to receive an Associates Degree with the completion of our training and the General Education requirements of SCC. Not only will the Inside students be a licensed Journeyman electrician they can also receive an AAS degree, what an awesome opportunity! Apprentices in the Inside program will earn over $230,000.00 in wages and benefits during their 5-year apprenticeship!

Installer Technician Program : Three-Years

This program involves mainly commercial and industrial telecommunications work. The scope of work includes the installation and connection and maintenance of lower voltage systems such as but not limited to: data communications, nurse call, fire alarm systems, fiber optics, security and Wi-Fi systems. The Telecommunication industry seems to change daily and we strive to make sure we are keeping up with it. Apprentices in the Installer Technician program will earn over $155,000.00 in wages and benefits during their 3-year apprenticeship!

Need to be at least 17 years of age to apply at 18 years of age to be put to work.

Must have a valid driver’s license

Must have a valid Social Security Number

Need to be a high school graduate or have a GED

Provide us with an official copy of your high school transcripts as well as any post high school transcripts that you may have

Must have completed at least one year of high school algebra with a grade of a "C" or higher or one post high school algebra course with a grade of a "C" or higher. Generally, this information is located on the transcripts. Taking and passing the Electrical Training Alliance Tech Math course will also satisfy the algebra requirement.

For those that have previous electrical construction training and/or experience, you must provide us with documentation in order to receive credit. This documentation can be in the form of W-2s, notarized letter from previous employer, etc.

There is a $25.00 non-refundable applicant processing fee that must be paid in order for us to process the application.

You will have 90 days from the date you make your initial application to get all the required information submitted. If it is not submitted within that timeframe your application will be incomplete and you will need to reapply.

Once you have all the required documentation turned in you will then be scheduled to take the electrical trades aptitude test.

If you receive a qualifying score on the aptitude test you will then be scheduled for an oral interview. See the Aptitude test FAQ’s for more detailed info on the test.

Once you are interviewed you will be given a score and placed on our selection list. We make our selections from that list starting with the highest score and working our way down until we select the number of applicants we would need at that time.

When can I apply?
Answer: The Lincoln Electrical JATC accepts applications year-round.

How do I apply?
Answer: We accept only applications online via our website, There is a $25.00 non-refundable applicant processing fee for each program.

How do I know that my application was submitted?
Answer: You will receive a follow-up email that states we received your application and provide you with a checklist of items you will need to provide us in order to complete your application.

What documents do I need to submit for my apprenticeship application?
Answer: Official, sealed copies of your high school and college transcripts or GED scores if applicable
Answer: valid driver’s license
Answer: valid Social Security Number
Answer: Copy of your DD-214, (this applies only if you are a veteran)

May I submit my high school diploma in place of my transcripts?
Answer: No. You must submit an official, sealed copy of your high school transcript along with any Post High School ones you may have.

What if I graduated from a different country?
Answer: We can accept transcripts from a different country if they have been translated into the English language. They must also show a graduation date.

May I submit additional documents, such as licenses, letters of recommendations or a resume to be included with my application?
Answer: Yes. You may submit a resume, proof of other training, certifications, licenses, proof of military experience, etc. You will want to make sure you have it turned in at least 1 week before your interview.

What is the starting pay?
Answer: Inside apprentices are currently starting at $17.44 per hour. Installer technician apprentices are currently starting at $16.09 per hour.

If I apply, will I get accepted?
Answer: This is a selective process and not everyone who applies will get accepted because there are more qualified candidates than available jobs

Will I have to find my own job?
Answer: If you are selected as an apprentice the Lincoln Electrical JATC will assign you for employment with a local 265 IBEW signatory contractor

Do I work and attend class at the same time?
Answer: Yes, you would work during the day, full time and year-round. You would also be required to attend evening classes 2 nights per week for three hours per night, from September to early May. On occasion you would be required to attend additional safety classes

How much can I expect to earn during my apprenticeship?
Answer: For the 5-Year Inside program you will earn over $232,000.00 in wages and benefits. For the 3-Year Installer Technician program you will earn over $158,000.00 in wages and benefits

How much is tuition?
Answer: There is no charge for tuition you are required to purchase your books and online course work each school year.

If I am a veteran can I draw my VA benefits for this training?
Answer: Yes, our program is registered with the US Department of Labor and is recognized by the VA. Our students who are veterans receive their VA benefits while participating in our program just like any college or University.

Where are classes held?
Answer: Our classes are held at our training center located at 1415 Old Farm Road in Lincoln, NE 68512

Do apprentices have health insurance and retirement pensions?
Answer: All apprentices are covered under the same health insurance and retirement pensions as journeyman. Health insurance takes effect approximately 90 days after the apprentice begins working full time. Retirement pension begins in the second year of apprenticeship.

Do you offer an Associates Degree with the Inside program?
Answer: Yes, it is called "Electrical Construction - IBEW Option". You will be required to complete the General Education requirements of Southeast Community College and complete the 5-year Inside program in order to receive the AAS degree

Is a degree offered for the Installer Technician program?
Answer: Not at this time, we are in discussions with SCC about creating one.

What is the aptitude test?
Answer : The aptitude test is a test instrument that measures an applicant’s ability in Algebra and Functions and Reading Comprehension which are essential to perform well as an electrician. Extensive research and actual apprentice and journeyman experience and data was employed into the development and ongoing validation of this test which is sanctioned by the US Department of Labor ETA, OATELS. Upon completion of your application, we will send you a study booklet with your notification letter of the aptitude test date. You should review the sample questions in the booklet. We also recommend using the Khan Academy as another excellent resource for study material.

Is there a qualifying score on the aptitude test?
Answer: Yes, you will be given an overall score of 1 - 9 with 9 being the highest. You must receive a score of at least a 4 or higher to pass. BMS (Below Minimum Score) is a score below the minimum standard and are not given a numerical score and constitute a fail of the aptitude test. With a qualifying score you will receive an oral interview with the Apprenticeship committee

If I did not score well on the aptitude test, can I take it again?
Answer: Yes, you may take the aptitude test again after a minimum period of 180 days has elapsed from your most recent test date with the Lincoln JATC or any other JATC. A new application must be filled out to be eligible for another test.

Will I receive a report on my score?
Answer: Approximately 1 to 2 days after you have taken the test we will mail out a letter that includes your test score.

What if I become ill or have an emergency on the day of the test?
Answer: Call the Lincoln JATC office immediately if you are still interested but will not be present at your scheduled aptitude test session. Upon review of your situation and application you will be rescheduled for the next available test date. Please note that your test date can only be rescheduled once if you cannot attend your rescheduled test date, you would need to reapply with the Lincoln JATC.

What should I bring the day of the test?
Answer: You should bring a photo ID to the test session. Pencils and all other materials will be provided you will not be able to use a calculator for the test.

What can I expect in the interview?
Answer: You will interview in front of the 6-member apprenticeship committee. Each member will give you a score on the interview. We take the scores, add them together and average them out. You are placed on our ranked selection list with that score.

How do you make selections?
Answer: We start with those that have the highest score and work our way down the list until we fill the manpower needs we have requests for.

How many selections do you make?
Answer: That all depends upon the manpower needs we have at the time of selections. Somewhere between 8 – 14 generally but there are no guarantees on a minimum or maximum number.

What should I wear to the interview?
Answer: We would suggest business casual attire or what ever you feel is appropriate for an interview.